Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New site, New Announcements

Along with the new site we have a ton of new records coming out. Starting with Ruby Isle's long-in-the-works-cover-to-cover tribute to Guns N' Roses' Appetite for Destruction. Entitled "Appetite for Destruction", it is a complete reworking of the GNR classic with electropop production. It combines the best of the 80s with the, um... best of the 80s? By the way, this isn't a joke, just look at the awesome cover designed by Chris Bilheimer!

Next up is the full-length debut by GRAPE SODA!. Ryan's new band with his brother Mat. Imagine Quasi with Mat singing and without all the drama, then add a bunch of samples and a whole lotta reverb. Its very nice.

Following this is the debut EP from Dan's new band The Gold Party. It's kinda like I am the World Trade Center, but with a tall skinny guy singing named Benji Barton from the NYC band Boulevard. In fact all the guys in the band are really tall except Dan. This makes him really self conscious. It also has a lot more 90s britpop in it than IATWTC did, but it does have the 80s vibe from Dan's old duo. This stuff is epic.

Finally, there is a top secret new release from one of kindercore's original finest. Some of you may already have heard about it, but I think we are supposed to be quiet about it. Here is a hint; Dan and/or Ryan are/is not in this band. Also, they used to sing about dogs and airlungs.